The Future is in the Ocean


Sustainable and Environmentally friendy

The worlds population is increasing, in 2050 the population would probably be Nine Billion, 33% more than in year 2000. Based on the fact that over 1 Billion people already are malnourished the wolrd need to double foodproduction from 2010 – 2050.

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70% of the earth is covered in water, 5% of the foodproduction is done in the sea. The potential for sustainable and environmentally friendly  growth is in the ocean and we have the solution.


We are now able to use technology in closed systems in the sea to increase production of seafood sustainable and environmentally friendy in America to cover our needs.


This project will create American jobs, American products and contribute to slow down import from other Countries.
Lets Make American Seafood Production Great, we are working full steam ahead to create this sustainable and environmentally friendly project completed.


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